Option 1 | Pre-Animated VideoS 

Animated videos are a fun and engaging way of explaining your business or delivering a message. This example uses our library of pre-animated characters and elements which are used to tell a story. Whilst these videos are great for tight budgets, there are certain limitations given there are only a certain amount of pre-animated elements in our library.  Budget | £1.5k-£2k (*60 second video)


If you're after a more bespoke solution to be in-line with the 'look and feel' of your brand, our custom animations could be a much better option. We can design and animate a unique video from scratch using an original idea and concept. If you want a pig skydiving from a plane, we can do that! Budget: £3k-£4k

The example above uses clear iconography to illustrate how the variable finance options work for the customer. We developed a clean and minimalist style to get the message accross. 

This video was commissioned by Cisco UK to explain a new educational platform and uses the familiar pictogram style. At certain parts in the video we used the voice-over to coincide with the text that appears on-screen. This helps reinforce key points. 

What's the process?

1 ) Initial meeting | We meet with you to discuss your objectives in finer detail and nail down a brief. 

2) Storyboard | We come up with a creative concept and idea for the video and put together a storyboard.

3) Animation | After your approval, we move forward with designing the animation and building all the elements.

4) Music | Research and select a fully licensed music track.

5) Delivery | We can deliver your finished video in .MP4 or .Mov format ready for online upload.