"How much does a corporate video cost?"

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This is a question every video production company gets asked a lot. It's perfectly understandable but to even give you a 'rough ballpark' figure we first need to pin down a few details. We absolutely need to, and here's why ...

Think of this example; you need a car.

Most cars tend to have 4 wheels, an engine, some seats and a steering wheel. They nearly all use fuel, generally tootle around and get you from A to B.

However, I’m sure that you’ll agree that there are differences between a Fiat Panda and a Porsche.

Aside from the engine size, top-speed, cool-factor etc. arguably the biggest difference is the cost. And just like car shopping, Corporate Video production can cost as much or as little or as your budget will allow. It’s about the budget you have available, and the return you need.

Our pricing structure is based on a flat day-rate, so we need to estimate the amount of time each aspect of production will take. Also, sometimes we have external costs that we need to factor in, e.g. additional camera-operator, specialist lights, etc.

A common misconception

"We only need a short video so we're not looking to spend a lot." Firstly the length of the video does not determine the cost. For example, a video that runs for 10 minutes which features a talking head interview (limited editing) is much cheaper to produce than a 30-second online commercial featuring multiple shots, actors, locations etc.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Do you already have a concept, or are we developing one for you?
  • What is the purpose of the video and what are you trying to achieve? Is it for marketing or training purposes? Where will the final video be shown?
  • Where are we shooting the video? Are we filming in one location or will travelling to multiple locations be necessary? 
  • Do we need to hire a presenter or voice-over talent, or are we using your own people?
  • Will your project require complex motion-graphics or animation?


The fact is, there are may variables that effect the cost of video production. You can't simply choose a company based on price, because a lower price - while attractive in this economy - will rarely yield the best result.

A reference video is a great place to start.
A good way to get a quick estimate is to have a reference video to compare to. (I.e. “How much would something like ‘this’ cost?”) This allows us to break it down into its elements and easily share with you where the money goes!

Whatever the size or scope of your project, Egg Media will deliver a video that you'll love and that we'll all be proud of.  Contact us!