1) Pre-Production

The first step it to determine what type of video your business needs. You may already have a brief or we can help you develop one from scratch. Pre-production is where we like to get creative and bounce ideas around.
It can involve scripting, location research, or even story- boarding. For most shoots the more prepared we are before filming, the smoother the production will run.  

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2) Filming

The objective here is to capture as much beautiful footage as possible. And we're pretty good at that! We don't have to use it all, but it's nice to have a variety of shots when it comes to the editing process. A typical shoot could involve capturing interviews with your staff, as well as b-roll on location. Our camera-crew are experts. It takes a real skill to compose shots, light the set and record great quality sound. This is no iPhone jobby!  

3) Editing

Here's where the magic happens! It's the part that can make or break a video. We'll take your footage, cut out the best bits and gradually build the edit. It's also the longest part of the creative process, but we love it. For every 1 day of filming, we usually require 3-4 days of editing. This can involve selecting a suitable music track, designing titles and motion-graphics, and even recording a voice-over.


4) Video Marketing

It's all very well us producing a brilliant video, but if your potential customers don't see it what's the point? We differ from many production companies. We won't just hand you the finished video, tell you to upload it to YouTube and hope for the best. We'll develop a targeted strategy around your video to ensure your audience see it and take action. It's about results!