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Time lapse documents your project like nothing else.  Compressing days months or years of work into a bitesize film of just a few minutes in length. This unique medium INFORMS, ENTERTAINS and ENGAGES your audience. Changing perceptions, creating confidence and ultimately engaging new customers.

We fully understand and appreciate the nature of FIT-OUT projects, that they can progress quickly, and we have to be be prepared in advance for any significant changes such as new walls or installations which may interfere or prevent the cameras view.  

It is therefore essential to sit down prior to the start of the project with the relevant site personnel and study the project drawings.  

Together, we can choose the best camera positions and schedule any required visits to re-position the cameras.  

We recommend installing at least two cameras, capturing two different angles (and twice as much action) that will enable a more interesting final edit. 

Contact us today to arrange a site visit to assess your requirements first hand and get your fit-out time lapse project moving!